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Babi​​​​es Breast Friend

Private Lactation ​Consultations

​Mission Statement 

Babies Breast Friend wishes to provide optimal care to breastfeeding mothers, babies, partners and their families on the island of  Oahu, willing to travel to outer islands as well.​​  Deborah is committed to providing professional and compassionate counseling through evidence based practice and a wish to educate and empower women to care for their breastfed baby with confidence and ease.  ​
Each family is​ unique, with different strengths, needs and goals, and supporting your goals is a primary focus.  The moment a mother delivers a new person into the world, her next amazing feat begins: producing and delivering the perfect food for that baby.  Sometimes it's not easy and mothers need more assistance that's when it's time to hire a passionate Lactation Consultant who will support you in your journey taking one step at a time with you toward your ultimate goal.​
Deborah wants to share the joy she felt nursing her babies with all who desire the experience.  Services are available islandwide to all regardless of age, race, religion, or gender identity.  LGBTQ Friendly.

​Deborah Dominici RN, IBCLC, RLC

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Maternal Child Health Nurse

Deborah grew up traveling throughout the United States as the daughter of a Navy Submariner, she moved to Hawaii in 1973 with her parents and younger brother.  Her family fell in love with the islands and decided to make this their permanent home.  She attended Aiea High School and graduated in 1981, Then completed the LPN program at Kapiolani Community College in 1986, she returned to Kapiolani Community College and completed an Associates Degree in Registered Nursing in 1994 and is Licensed in the State of Hawaii and in good standing.  Deborah obtained her initial International Board Certification as a Lactation Consultant in 2001. She has recertified successfully by exam twice since then and will recertify in 2018.  In addition to Deborah's professional experience with breastfeeding, she has 4 stepchildren she loves and 3 biological children who nursed far past toddlerhood in the family bed.  One thing Deborah can't help you with is getting your child to sleep in their own bed.  Her 28 year old daughter still likes to crawl into bed with her parents when she is home visiting.
 LOL, at least she is weaned.

​Specializing in both common and complex breastfeeding issues throughout the nursing relationship.  Extensive experience identifying and working with Tongue and Lip Tied Infants.

What Is A Lactation Consultant and Why Should I Hire One?

You will often hear of a Lactation specialist referred to as a Lactation Consultant, but what does that really mean? There are Lactation Educators, Lactation Counselors, and Lactation Consultants, but each of these classifications holds a different set of skills and educational qualifications. The Lactation Educator and Counselor have attended a 40 to 45 hour course in lactation management or teaching, which allows them to teach or counsel mothers who have general breastfeeding questions and concerns. The International Board Certified Lactation Consultant has documented thousands of practice hours before sitting for an internationally standardized exam. Upon passing this exam and proving the required practice has been completed, this individual can call herself a Lactation Consultant, or IBCLC. While not all IBCLC's are registered nurses, the health assessment and care planning background of an RN's training is a great asset to her practice as a Lactation Consultant. A combination of an RN licensure and IBCLC registration, therefore, indicates that the practitioner may adequately assess the health of both mother and baby, identify areas which deviate from normal, and create a plan of care which aims to improve the wellness outcomes for the family with breastfeeding goals. In addition to being a registered nurse and an IBCLC, Deborah specializes in Maternal Child Health Nursing with over 30 years experience indicating a deeper knowledge base about the health and assessment of mother and baby, and as a Registered Lactation Consultant for 17 years,​ indicating that she can be considered an expert in the field of lactation management.
  • 30 years in Maternal Child Health Nursing
  • 17 years as an IBCLC
  • ​Available 7 days a week in the privacy of your home
  • Call or Text 808-292-4232
  • Mobile service in the privacy of your home 
  • Islandwide
  • Initial Consultation $125, Twins $200, Triplets $275
  • Followup Consultation prices vary
  • Therapeutic Breast Massage 
  • Extensive experience in all areas of lactation
  • Experienced in assessment of tethered oral tissues TOTS, Lip Tie, Tongue Tie.​
  • ​Adoptive Breastfeeding, Induced Lactation, Relactation
  • LGBTQ Friendly

​Call or Text:  808-292-4232

Email:  [email protected]

Address:  92-730 Nohopono Street, Kapolei, HI, 96707

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Therapeutic Breast Massage, for plugged ducts, engorgement or mastitis
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Concerned about a lip or tongue tie? 
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Breastfeeding should not be painful, if it is call me today
Experience with Relactation, Advanced Maternal Age, Lactation in Alternative Therapies
Breast Milk Supply Issues?
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Introducing SleepBelt
​What is SleepBelt?

The SleepBelt support is a premium quality product designed for the 4th trimester and beyond; it is recommended in "Sweet Sleep" by La Leche League International, a PTPA Winner and Champion of the Center for Babywearing Studies.  It is used in hospitals in NICUs and with full term babies.

Your SleepBelt has uses and benefits from the day your baby is born, to well beyond.  We've listed some of our favourites here:

​*Hands free skin-to-skin (yes, this one is obvious... but it's the most important!).
*Preventing infant falls 
*Nap wrap for baby;​ they can sleep securely while their head and hands can remain free and mobile (thumb sucker, anyone?)
*Easy transfer from chest to crib
*Offers comfort to babies suffering from colic/reflux
*Snug & secure, just like the womb - helps soothe baby easily (a lifesaver in the early days)
*Cuddles baby to you, allowing mom & dad to eat a meal together (no "taking turns"!).  Note: Nothing hot over baby!!!
*Hands free breastfeeding (support the head until baby has neck control)
*Secure your breast pump to your chest with SleepBelt... more hands free help!
*Additional support when bottle feeding - allows you to feed with one hand
*Fasten a heating pad/hot water bottle to your abdomen when dealing with   labour after pains & cramping
*Keep a heating pad on your back to alleviate back pain (carrying babies all day is hard work!)
*Easy air travel - keeps baby in the proper position for take off & landing
*Snuggle baby while cuddling your older children... great for story time, colouring & games!
*Twin snuggles!  if you can get two babies on your chest, SleepBelt will hold them
*As baby gets older, use your SleepBelt to secure him/her forward-facing on your lap - Baby MUST have full neck/head control
*When baby can sit up on her own, you can use it to keep her secure - any chair becomes an ad hoc high chair (do not leave baby unattended)
*Added support for baby in a grocery cart... when they can't quite sit unsupported, wrap your sleep belt around baby's torso and the seat back to help!
*Prevent dangling legs by wrapping a SleepBelt around baby's lower half when in a carrier that doesn't support his/her hips - it will help keep baby in a healthy position
*Provides additional support with a traditional wrap




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